SC CADSIL Cluj-Napoca offers:


Services Design and Coordination on building sites

1. Services of roads, bridges, sitematizari vertical design intersections


          In designing roads S.C. CADSIL LLC Cluj-Napoca can cover a wide range of works: infrastructure and superstructure for new roads, both urban and unincorporated, remakes of road systems to existing roads, new construction and renovations for retaining walls and embankment stabilization works and sewage collection water from the roads. The company has a good experience in realization of systematization domeneiul vertical platforms, design intersections. Also, works for bridges S .C. CADSIL LLC Cluj-Napoca has specialists in calculation of resistance and who have mastered all the details of construction of bridges and arrangement of beds.


S .C. CADSIL LLC prepares documentation at all stages of design:



Prefeasibility studies


Feasibility studies


          Technical projects, bills of quantities and specifications


          Tender Documents


          Shop Drawings


          Technical assistance during execution

S .C. CADSIL LLC MLPAT certified personnel to ensure follow-up of construction.




2. Services site inspector

        In the area of ​​road construction site inspections carried out by SC CADSIL LLC Cluj-Napoca include the whole range of specific works for roads and bridges works of national interest.




Service site supervision (tracking the works) consists of checking the quality of construction works and related facilities construction, in order to confirm their consistency with project execution and technical prescriptions specific.

Our company performs supervising construction works MLPTL authorized by site inspectors.




 This activity consists of:


   · Execute continuous control over the activity manufacturer pursue full and rigorous demands required by contract execution and strict adherence to the normative acts, regulations and technical regulations in force concerning the construction, by type of works, aiming always respect project site management, project execution and technology entrepreneurs declared.

    · Follow up permanent quality materials, blanks, tools and equipments that make up the facilities investment, purchased from contractors, checking consistency suppliers list agreed by the beneficiary, checking quality certificates that accompany them and the physical condition they are, informing the recipient on possible inconsistencies and proposing effective measures for correction. .

    · Confirmation attachments with specifications and quantities of works performed detailed underlying monthly payment situations. .

   · Archive all documents that certify the execution, quality materials, quality certificates and guarantees for equipment etc; These documents come from various factors:

a) Documentation initial phase of the project building permit and all subsequent


b) documents made available by performers


c) documents drawn up in diverse situations at construction site


d) a complete copy of the execution documentation, copy permanently filled with various interventions of the designer, due to the occurrence of unanticipated events originally sent as provisions career.


Providing employees with good training, civil engineers, experienced and knowledgeable of legislation in the field managed to solve successfully works with high degree of difficulty of the works S.C. CADSIL LLC Cluj-Napoca will be available to achieve goals together.